Mike Bowden

Freelance artist


Wolverine VS Hulk

Vector Illustration| Case Study


Mike Bowden is a freelance artists that is known for his distinctive comicbook style of drawing. He worked on projects for big names as DC Comics, Marvel, Aspen, Superbot, DeNa Games and IDW.

Mike Bowden

Vector Illustration| Case Study




It was a fun challenge to ink Mike’s sketch in Adobe Illustrator.

I was able to make a vector file by inking Mike’s amazing sketch in Adobe Illustrator. The artwork can now be increased to gigantic sizes without losing any quality.

Wolverine Lineart - Nino Pinto


A splash of color adds a whole new dimension to the inks.

I chose Wolverine’s classic colorscheme to color his iconic outfit. Originally the Hulk is green. I colored him differently to make his face blend in with the reflection of Wolverine’s sharp adamantium claws. It turned out very nice.

Wolverine Colors - Nino Pinto


This is a personal project, not meant for commercial use.

I hired Mike in 2020 for a commission of one of my favorite Battle Chasers characters. I thought it would be fun to color one of his lovely sketches in Adobe Illustrator.

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