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Battle Chasers

Vector Illustration| Case Study


Joe Madureira is my favorite comicbook artist and mainly works in the videogame industry now. After Tri-Lunar and Vigil Games MAD! now runs indie studio Airship Syndicate. The first game they developed was based on his 90’s Battle Chasers comicbook and was succesfully funden through a Kickstarter campaign. 

Joe Madureira

Vector Illustration| Case Study



Garrison is one of the Battle Chasers Nightwar heroes.

MAD!’s sketches have always been amazing and full of detail. Unfortunately this does not make inking his sketch in Adobe Illustrator any easier. I tried to keep as much of the original detail intact by using the pen tool.

Garrison Lineart - Nino Pinto


Garrison looks even more badass in color!

Colorwise I kept it really simple. To add a little bit more charm to the courageous warrior I decided to color some of his hair grey. I hope MAD! approves.

Garrison Colors - Nino Pinto


This is a personal project, not meant for commercial use.

I would like to dedicate this vector illustration to Joe Madureira’s amazing work. I have been a loyal fan for over thirty years and even met him twice. He’s an amazing guy that always makes time for his fans.

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